Our Process

Creativity + Methodology

Developing exceptional websites requires passion and creativity, but to get the job done right requires a methodical approach. We break the process down into 5, manageable steps, and keep you posted all the way.

1. Consultation

This initial step is where we get acquainted, learn about your goals for the website, and answer any questions might have. There is no charge for this, and it is usually handled over the phone. To get started just click the button below.

2. Demo Site

We build a live, demonstration website your business. There is no cost to you or obligation for this.  

3. Proposal

We collect your feedback on the demonstration site. Based on this we submit a proposal for building a working website for your business. 

4. Development

Once you have approved the proposal, website development begins. We first build a development version of the site for your review. The website is not publicly accessable during this process, so that you are able to review and test it before it goes live. Once the site has been thoroughly reviewed and tested, and you have approved it, we set it up at the final hosting location and make it publicly accessible.

5. Marketing

Need more business? Online marketing services with guaranteed results are provided via our sister company, Illuminosity Marketing